Property transfersThe following property transfers were recorded by the Caldwell County Register of Deeds April 23-29. Where there is a price, it is based on the excise tax assessed. A transfer without a sale has no tax, so no price listed.

From Estate of Silvio G. Martinat, Howard Vernon Gragg Jr., Lida S. Martinat EXR, Silvio G. Martinat and Eleanor W. Gragg to Jewel Dula Patterson, Lower Creek township, $100,000

From Joseph D. Demaio and Sylvia Demaio to Jerry Steven Bradshaw Jr. and James W. Frye, Patterson township, $45,000

From Jessica C. Farlee, Jessica Clay Bolick and Jeffrey Farlee to Jessica C. Farlee and Jeffrey Farlee, Lovelady township••

From Roger Garland Chester to Lisa Taylor Norrie, Lenoir township, $130,000

From Estates of NC LLC to Mark Andrew Sjoberg and Rita Marie Sjoberg, Johns River township, $145,000

From Henry Arnold Barnes and Jacqueline Edwards Barnes to Brittany S. Parker, North Catawba township, $190,000

From Estate of Juanita Watson Spears, Bruce Monroe Spears, Allen Jerome Spears, Ray B. Spears, Bruce Monroe Spears EXR, Juanita Watson Spears and Janine Spears to Justin Spears, Lenoir township••

From Alan White and Courtney White to Alan White, Lot 560 Timber Rock••

From Casey H. Lackey, Casey H. Beulin, Casey H. Buelin and Christopher Lackey to Cassidy Auton, Lot 17-21 Block D R.W. Hatley Property, $140,000

From Reggie L. Wallin and Gail Bowman Wallin to Reggie L. Wallin, Gail Bowman Wallin and Osha Joe Smith, Lot 68 Meadowcreek Estates Phase 2 Sheet 2••

From Mary Corley Greene and Oscar W. Greene to James Robert Chester and Crystal Coffey Chester•••

From Robert B. Jones to RBJ Properties LLC, Hudson township••

From JD Investments LLC to Aaron S. Stanley, Lot 3 Deerfield Estates Section I, $89,000

From Catherine F. Emory to Matthew J. Emory•••

From Jimmy Allen Parson and Vicki H. Parson to Jose Pascual Juan and Katie Watson Pascual, Lenoir township, $9,000

From Daniel L. Woodbury and Rebecca E. Woodbury to Justin James Masciarelli, Meghan Annette Masciarelli, Barry Linn Lucas and Lorena Lucas, Hudson township, $280,000

From Bruce Dean Walker and Debra Parsons Walker to Gregory Lee Bumgarner, Yadkin Valley township, $7,500

From Jeffrey D. Elliott to Brian J. Guigar, Lot 10 Block C Lakeview Park in Lovelady township, $206,000

From Thomas L. Ross to Patricia Ross, Lot 2 Block B Blowing Rock Estates••

From Marietta Davis Lipford to New Vision Trust Custodian FBO Benjamin D. Griffin Sr. Traditional IRA, New Vision Trust, Benjamin D. Griffin Sr. Traditional IRA and Benjamin D. Griffin Sr., Lower Creek township, $21,500

From Joshua S. Elliott and Danielle E. Elliott to Cody S. McRee and Jason T. Duggins, $165,000

From Scott Douglas Triplett to Scott Douglas Triplett, Lovelady township••

From Scott Douglas Triplett to Scott Douglas Triplett, Lovelady township••

From Glenda H. Wilson to Christyn Michelle Grant and Anthony Boris Grant, Lower Creek township, $250,000

From Cheryl B. Gailes, Cheryl B. Reid, Johnny Gailes and Jonathan Gailes to Jesse Smith and Jessica Smith, Lot 31 Mossy Creek Estates, $8,500

From Stephen W. Mask and Codie J. Cox Mask to Kassie Woody, Lot 86 Lerinco, $108,000

From Marty G. Waters and Ann Michelle Waters to Nick A. Waters Richards and Katie K. Richards, Lot 32 Stonecroft Estates in Lower Creek township, $300,000

From Karen M. Hale, Karen Hale, Stephanie Michelle Hale, Stephanie Hale McCreary, Cameron Coy McCreary, Harold William Hale Jr. and Harold W. Hale Jr. to Joint Revocable Trust of Harold W. Hale Jr. and Wife Karen Hale, Harold W. Hale Jr. TR, Karen Hale TR, Harold W. Hale Jr. and Karen Hale, Johns River township••

From Myron Randall Day and Ginger Sullivan Day to Kaitlyn Marie Hawkins and David F. Hannah, $162,000•

From Triple H. Rentals LLC to GWH Investments LLC, Lenoir township, $200,000

From Annette Marie Winkler to Annette Marie Winkler and Rachel Laney Hicks•••

From Richard J. Kania and Gregory Scott Tolbert to Honeybee Homes LLC, Lot 5 Town and Country Park Section I, $60,000

From Paul C. Drum and Claudia A. Drum to Sharon Gail West and John L. West Jr., $13,000•

From Ben Phan and Hau Thi Nguyen to Dat Nguyen and Kiem Pham, $160,000•

From The Estate of Virginia Hicks Neighbors, The Estate of Mary V. Hicks, Virginia Hicks Neighbors, Mary V. Hicks and Bruce W. Vanderbloemen ADMR to Saulo J. Aguilera Alvarez and Maria C. Aguilera, Hudson township, $80,000

From Izaak Quincy Hyde and Jessica Dawn Hyde to Izaak Quincy Hyde, Lot 1 Newton Gentry in North Catawba township••

From Holly Rebecca Dula to Robert J. Lynam and Judy Lynam, Yadkin Valley township, $59,000

From Robert D. Melton and Tina Melton to Scotty Dale Freeman and April Freeman, Lower Creek township, $140,000

From Andrew C. Patton and John M. Patton to Miriam Smith Whisnant and Jane Whisnant Workman•••

From Town of Granite Falls to Clarence Guthrie and Martha Guthrie, Lot 180C Sunset Hills Section A in Lovelady township••

From David J. Burtt and Michelle Leah Burtt to Burtt Family Revocable Trust, David Jerome Burtt TR and Michelle Leah Burtt TR, Globe township••

From Zachary C. Benfield and Sarah B. Benfield to Oak Tree Holding LLC and Smith Investments & Real Estate LLC, Lot II Mountain Ridge Section I, $40,000

From Claudia L. Forte to Claudia L. Forte, Hudson township••

From John F. Courtright and John Franklin Courtright III to Johan Franklin Courtright IV, Michele Courtright and John Franklin Courtright III, Lot 5 Amber Ridge••

From Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C., to KS3 Ventures LLC, Lot 3 Helton Park••

From Estate of Jessie Bolick, Jerry Bolick, Jerry Bolick EXR, Jessie Bolick, Cindy Bolick, Evelyn Marshall, Paul Douglas Bolick and Amy Bolick to Shirley P. Price, $120,000•

From Janice Hamby to Tammy Hamby Burkhimer•••

From Jerry Dewayne Pope and Lasonyia Pope to Angela Kollhoff and Garrison Kollhoff Jr., Lovelady township, $135,000

From Neal L. Triplett and Cheryl A. Triplett to Ernest C. Stroup and Susan V. Stroup, Lot 4 Block A Lamar Park Section 2 in Lower Creek township, $225,000

From Garry Lee Pope and Gary Lee Pope to Garry Lee Pope, Teresa Michelle Pope Bernard and Garry Jason Pope, North Catawba township••

From Daniel W. Hoppach and Leisa Michelle Hoppach to Ian Nowlin, Lovelady township, $125,000

From Charles S. Raby and Shannon P. Raby to Tyson Colbe Dill and Caleb John Cummings, $450,000•

From Estate of Rickey Donavon Duffey, Bradley Ryan Duffey ADMR, Anna Butler Duffey, Bradley Ryan Duffey, Bradley Ryan Duffey AIF and Rickey Donavon Duffey to Richard Lane Puckett III and Katie S. Puckett, Lot 11 J.H. Jett Property, $155,000

From Greta Starnes Bolcik, Norma Starnes Lytle Suddreth, John Edgar Starnes, Ruth Elizabeth Curtis Starnes and C.E. Starnes to Eric W. Triplett, Lovelady township, $170,000

From Ronald Hartley, Donna Michelle Hartley AIF and Ronald L. Hartley to Sean D. Alexander and Maliwan S. Alexander, Hudson township, $200,000

From Marshall A. Tidwell and Jewell D. Tidwell to Mark C. Biddix and Aaris P. Biddix, Lower Creek township, $450,000

From ZAP LLC to Franziska James Rea and Peter John Rea•••

From Mary Lucille Tolbert, Glenn B. Strange, Donna Hawkins Hoback Strange, Mitchelle Dale Hawkins, William D. Mitchum Jr. AIF and Linda T. Benton AIF to Kyle Thomas Frey and Nicole Kathryn Frey, Johns River township, $90,000

From Raymond J. Finnegan and Karen Ann Finnegan to Helena J. McFalls and Benjamin A. McFalls, Lot 30-32 Tysinger subdivision in Lower Creek township, $212,000

From The Virginia Koontz Miller Irrevocable Trust, Virginia Gail Miller Evert TR, Lewis Ray Miller TR and Virginia Koontz Miller to William P. Canipe Jr. and Roberta Lou Canipe, Lot 138 Virginia Acres Section II Phase IV in Hudson township, $166,000

From Franziska Janes Rea, Peter John Rea and Peter J. Rea to Bret Cameron Estridge Sr. and Kathryn Anne Estridge, $455,000•

From Fern Davis to Jack Alan Davis and David Douglas Davis•••

From James Phillips Church Sr. and Janet W. Church to John J. Hutchins and Tammy hutchins, Lot 1 Joanne Johnson Libera Property, $150,000

From John W. Crump, Elisha Garren, Elisha Lynn Crump, Francis Garren and Elisha L. Garren to Anna Beth Cunningham, $179,000•

From Ned C. Hayes, Jean R. Hayes, Abby Hayes Lewis, Kevin Mark Lewis and Abby H. Lewis to John W. Diggs and Elizabeth C. Diggs, $38,000•

From STCN Properties LLC, Toni Smith Penny and Steven K. Penny to STCN Properties LLC, Little River township••

From McAndrew Noonan, Devin Scott Sigmon, Kristen Fox Sigmon, Dayton Alexander Sigmon, Trisha Nicole Sigmon and Trisha Sigmon to Gwenlyn Case, $255,000•

From Rick Ntaj Chang and Jennifer Lynne Chang to Joseph C. Benfield, Lenoir township, $145,000

From Michael G. Kilby and Sherri Kilby to Mills Rental LLC, Lot 22 Grace Harbour Phase IV in Lovelady township, $60,000

From Wesley Scott Jett Testamentary Trust, Maleah J. Haas Trust, John H. Jett III, John Harvey Jett III, Sandra Hayes Jett, Patrice J. Thrift, Donna J. Whitson, Theodore Roosevelt Whitson, Bruce N. Jett, Jacqueline Jakeway Jett, Lottie J. Anderson, Ralph Clifton Anderson Jr., Katie Jett Hanek TR, Brandon Scott Jett TR, Melissa Triplett Jett-Dunn TR, Melissa Triplett Jett Dunn TR, Wesley Scott Jett, Ian Haas TR, Maleah J. Haas, Franklin Haas, Charlotte Haas, Ian Haas, William C. Haas, Rebecca Leigh Haas, Anna Haas, Melissa T. Jett TR and Melissa Triplett Jett TR to Roger W. Jett and Deborah Hodges Jett, North Catawba township, $70,000

From Sarah A. Carter to Randy A. Hubbard, $65,000•

From Madison K. Bumgarner and Alexandria S. Bumgarner to Madison K. Bumgarner and Alexandria S. Bumgarner•••

• Location not listed in the description

•• Property transfer but no sale recorded with the register of deeds

••• Location not listed and no sale recorded


The following marriages were recorded by the Caldwell County Register of Deeds April 20-24:

Eddy James Woody and April Michelle Brooke

Roberto Carlos Layza Medina Sr. and Keisha Marie Matthews

Denis Osman Ramos Banegas and Lizeth Jasso Zalapa

Kong Meng Vang and Maily Lee

Austin Lane Ervin and Alexus Gabriel Blake

Taliay Shanice White and Sydney Dakota Ouellette

John Thomas Ritch and Makaylia Shai Cornett

Michael Charles Petzold and Dawn Marie Petzold

Richard Allen Garren III and Emily Marie Mitchell

George Mason Levitt Jr. and Sarah Elizabeth McQueen

Isiah Reid Oxford and Madalyn Leann Martin

BirthsThe following births were recorded by the Caldwell County Register of Deeds April 15-22:

Jesus Adrian Funez to Isis Gisell Funez

Bentley Ricky-Joseph Pitts to Justin Paul Pitts and Shelby Lynn Goodman

Salem Anthony Thomas Stevenson to Anthony Maurice Stevenson Jr. and Shantel Leighann Harper

Bella Isabella Vasquez to Rudy Gerson Raymundo Vasquez Puac and Cintya Yoely Jimenez Garcia

Jose Guadalupe Lopez Diaz to Jose Guadalupe Lopez Magana and Jeymi Nohemy Diaz Maldonado

Hunter Shayne Main to Joshua Shayne Main and Jennifer Nicole Weathers

Diego Benjamin Vazquez Castro to Uriel Vazquez Perez and Merlyn Julissa Castro Orellana

Elena Faith Ellison to Jonathan Taylor Ellison and Brittany Leann Swafford

Ariadna Belen Hernandez Miranda to Alexander Geovani Hernandez and Ana Maria Miranda Argueta

Kennedy Blair Lingerfelt to Travis Wayne Lingerfelt and Keisha Diane Bolick

Alaiya Jayde Scott to Megan Alyssa Scott