An Ohio-based company has created a Monopoly-style board game using Lenoir-area names.

Lenoir-opoly, released last week and for sale at Walmart, includes the names of such businesses as the Side Street Pour House and Grill, 1841 Cafe and Blue Moose, local street names, and landmarks such as Hibriten Mountain and the T.H. Broyhill Walking Park. Some of the names are close but not quite correct, such as the Caldwell Historical Museum instead of the Caldwell Heritage Museum.

Michael Schulte, a spokesman for game manufacturer Late for the Sky Production, said Friday that the company has been working with Walmarts across the United States to customize the game for different cities. The company is making games for more than 40 cities in North Carolina, including Boone, Asheville and Charlotte.

“From what we’re finding, the smaller cities have as much of an appeal as the larger cities do,” he said. “Everybody again has that civic pride. They’re proud of where they come from, where they’re raised, … so why not have a game about it?”

To get names for for the game, Late for the Sky looks at municipal and chamber of commerce websites.

“We try to be as accurate as possible. Nine times out of 10, the formula works, but it isn’t a perfect science,” he said.

Though the game resembles Monopoly, Late for the Sky Production emphasizes in its press release that it is not related to Hasbro, which owns Monopoly.

Reporter Kara Fohner can be reached at 828-610-8721.

Reporter Kara Fohner can be reached at 828-610-8721.