A child custody dispute appears to be behind a shooting outside the Caldwell County Courthouse earlier this month, according to search warrant documents filed at the Caldwell County Courthouse.

The documents, filed by Detective Stella Coffey of the Lenoir Police Department, seek access to a Samsung Galaxy for text messages between Travis Lee Webb, 35, of Lenoir and Chad James Emke, 48, of Taylorsville.

Emke is accused of shooting Webb twice the morning of July 12 on Main Street in Lenoir. He has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and, because a 10-year-old boy was with him at the time, child endangerment.

According to the documents, Webb, Emke and Konnon Webb, who is identified in the documents as a witness, had recently exited the courthouse — where officials previously said Emke was scheduled that day to have a hearing on custody-related issues.

Emke was in a Ford pickup with the boy in front of the Caldwell County Courthouse about 10:50 a.m. when Travis Webb approached the pickup, officials previously said.

The search documents said Travis Webb went to the driver’s side of Emke’s truck, the two argued, and Emke struck him with the door. When Emke started to drive away, he nearly struck Webb with his side mirror.

Konnon Webb later told investigators that Emke yelled an insult, so Konnon and Travis Webb ran towards Emke’s truck, the documents said. Emke stopped to wait for the brothers to catch up. When Travis Webb approached the truck, he appeared to hit the driver’s side window, which was rolled up, and Emke then shot through it window, striking Travis Webb in the chest, the documents said.

Reporter Candice Simmons can be reached at (828)610-8721

Reporter Candice Simmons can be reached at (828)610-8721