An 18-year-old who was shot and killed outside a convenience store on Tuesday had fired at another man first and wounded him, the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office said.

Cedrick Jovon Harshaw of Mask Mobile Home Park in Sawmills initially came under investigation after a report from Bolick’s Tire on Monday that Harshaw threatened an employee there with a gun, according to a press release.

An employee told law enforcement officers that he had asked Harshaw to leave after Harshaw approached customers asking for money and transportation. Harshaw then pulled out a gun, the employee said.

Deputies who went to investigate were unable to find Harshaw, who was described as a Black man wearing a red jacket and black pants.

The sheriff’s office press release said that on Tuesday shortly before 11:30 a.m., an employee of Bolick’s Tire saw Harshaw entering the Market Basket and told a coworker.

The coworker went to the Market Basket, and two other employees followed. When they got there, Harshaw and the employee he had threatened on Monday began fighting but were separated. A Market Basket employee asked all of them to leave.

People who were not involved in the incident told investigators that when Harshaw left the Market Basket, he pulled out a handgun and fired multiple shots, the press release said. Two of the rounds struck a Bolick’s Tire employee who had not been involved in the fight, and that employee pulled out a handgun and fired back, striking Harshaw.

Another Bolick’s Tire employee also pulled out a gun and fired but missed, the press release said.

Harshaw later died.

The Bolick’s employee who was shot was treated and later released from medical care.

Nobody had been charged Thursday. The District Attorney’s Office will determine whether charges will be filed, the press release said.

Reporter Kara Fohner can be reached at 828-610-8721.

Reporter Kara Fohner can be reached at 828-610-8721.