I am often asked when I started writing. I generally get some raised eyebrows when I reply, “As soon as I could spell.” But it is literally true. As a Dr. Suess-raised kid, I was writing short stories using mostly mono-syllabic words from the time I was very young. I was writing poetry by first grade. Not good poetry, mind you, but poetry nonetheless.

But I never imagined that from that humble beginning, God would allow me to author more than 30 books. And I really never imagined that I would get to produce a verse-by-verse study through the most complex and intriguing book of the Bible, the book of The Revelation. But in early December of last year, it went to press. The Revelation: Ready Or Not, became my most successful book launch ever. Out of more than 10,000 New Testament commentaries on Amazon, it made it as high as number 28. That may not seem very glorious to others, but as a certified nobody from nowhere, I was absolutely thrilled.

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