Last week our oldest son called with the strangest story I’ve heard in a while. He said his wife testified to the truth of it since he thought no one would believe him. At first, I thought he might be joking around as he is very good at that, but something about his voice made me know he was serious. So, I listened.

Back in the summer, he had ordered a Dremel tool, a multipurpose thing for all kinds of projects, from a popular home improvement store. When the box arrived from the company, he put it aside until later because he had another long project going. Last week, months after the box arrived, he needed the tool and went to the garage to find it. The box remained sealed in the company packaging and taped securely. He cut the tape and popped the box open. He could not believe his eyes.

Arlene Neal resides in Dudley Shoals and is a retired English chair from Catawba Valley Community College. You may contact her at

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