Folks, I am glad to be here with a column this week after my brush with death in the grocery store parking lot this past weekend. That may be a bit of exaggeration, but seriously, I could have been injured or worse when a couple of thrill seekers targeted me. Most drivers in parking lots are…

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A reader contacted the News-Topic this week, confused by the gap between his knowledge of arithmetic and what defenders of Caldwell County’s proposed new budget have been saying about what it means for local taxpayers.

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Public employees work for you. Your taxes pay their salary. In fact you — every person reading this — have a right to find out what any public employee is paid.

“The media” has not told anyone to buy Lysol cleaning spray in bulk or to buy toilet paper like they’re about to host the grandfather of all chili cook-offs.

No one would try to argue that the local economy has ever been healthier than during the furniture industry’s heyday, when the biggest companies were still locally owned and anyone who wanted a job could find one that paid a decent wage.

Trade wars have no winners, as the world learned (or so we thought) in the 1930s, and the biggest early losers in the new trade wars are starting to line up.

A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate this past week would rein in a costly and unnecessary tax that threatens widespread harm to businesses large and small across the country.

The U.S. Department of Commerce recently slapped tariffs adding 10 percent to the cost of paper imported from Canada, the primary supplier for a lot of paper-reliant American industries.

Caldwell County is well past the days when no alcohol sales were allowed anywhere in the county, but the silence that greeted the news of alcohol coming to Baton still seemed a little surprising.

Residents of the Baton community likely were stunned to learn that a town of fewer than 1,400 Burke County residents may soon reach an administrative arm north of the Catawba River to allow the sale of beer and wine there.

Each updated forecast for Hurricane Irma keeps moving it farther and farther west, but even if Caldwell County gets nothing much more than rain from it, Irma will hit everyone’s wallets -- not just everyone's in Caldwell County, everyone's, everywhere in the U.S. The only question is how big…

The cross was invented by the Romans as both a device of torture and a symbol of terror, intended to strike fear into anyone thinking of disobeying the empire.

The results of research by an N.C. State University economist add, in at least one sense, an authoritative voice to what business, education and economic development officials in Caldwell County have been saying for the past several years.

With the accolades from the left that followed the announcement that the Rev. William Barber would step down as the head of the North Carolina NAACP to organize a new movement out of Washington, D.C., one would have thought he radically changed the state’s political landscape during his time…

There are two conclusions to be drawn from the Caldwell County Board of Commissioners’ approval of a proposal to reduce the amount of money going into a fund used for economic development – one encouraging, but one unequivocally bad, so we’ll start there.

The world is turning upside-down. Or is that rightside-up? An announcement of jobs moving from China to Lenoir has been followed by an unrelated announcement of a major Caldwell County employer making a deal to sell more products in China.

State law currently requires government bodies not only to hold open meetings and workshops but to place public notices in newspapers before they make a decision on such things as new laws or taking on new debt. But in recent years there has been a push in the General Assembly to eliminate t…

In a closed meeting urging conservative House Republicans to drop their opposition to House Speaker Paul Ryan's health care bill, President Donald Trump told U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows to stand up and take some advice. “I’m gonna come after you, but I know I won’t have to, because I know you’ll …

Not all population growth is created equal. Lenoir city officials seem to believe otherwise because they have yet to make any other public case for continuing to approve low-income apartment complexes.