To the editor:

The number one emotion I am experiencing in people today is FEAR – even among Christians. People are acting EXACTLY the way they did 12 years ago when Barack Obama was elected president, talking about the end of our government, the end of our nation, the end of the world. Why? We went through this 12 years ago. Didn’t we learn ANYTHING?

Back then, I wrote, “God is in the habit of pulling rabbits out of hats that people don’t even know are there. He did it 3,500 years ago when He led the Children of Israel out of Egypt. He did it 2,000 years ago when His Son got up from the dead. He did it with Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. He did it with George Washington and the American Revolution. He did it with Andrew Jackson and the War of 1812. He did it with the Allies in World War II. He did it with Reagan and the end of the Cold War. Just when you think you have everything figured out and things look their blackest, HE HAS A WAY OF SENDING IN THE CAVALRY.”

He did it with Elijah in a cave on Mount Sinai, the same mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Elijah was discouraged and suicidal. So God put on an Earth, Wind and Fire concert for him. “He gives Elijah what he wants: a show of God’s force. But God is not in the wind, the earthquake or the fire that passes by the mouth of the cave. God is not in the things that impress Elijah … or that impress us. He then gives Elijah something he doesn’t expect: A STILL SMALL VOICE. God is in the voice. God is a person with a voice, not a force that smashes rocks. He wants a relationship with us. God is what Elijah needed, yet God didn’t look and feel the way he thought He would.

“I wonder if we know what to expect of God today? Are we thinking He’s sitting in His big easy chair, watching what’s happening on earth as if it were a bad TV show, thinking, ‘Man, am I bored. I can’t wait for Armageddon.’ Do we think He’s just waiting around for the time when He can come back and destroy all the things in the world that don’t honor Him, and all the things in our lives that make us unhappy? Or maybe we think He’ll show up tomorrow in some miraculous way, delivering us from a bad situation. He could. But He could also sneak in the back door as a beggar or a street person. He could sneak into our lives as a coworker or neighbor. He could sneak in as the least likely person on the planet. You never know with God.”

One thing I do know, GOD WANTS A RELATIONSHIP WITH US, and He’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Primarily, He’ll speak to us – He IS speaking to us. Are we listening?

Waitsel Smith