To the editor:

The Democrats and media are telling us that there was "no widespread voter fraud" and we ought to simply accept the outcome of the Presidential election as they called it, despite innumerable claims of "voter irregularities." If there wasn't "widespread voter fraud," and the results of the election can be trusted, then what can it hurt to physically count and examine the ballots to be sure?

There are hundreds if not thousands of sworn affidavits of people who state that they've seen and heard illegal and criminal activities, which not only provided more ballots cast for Joe Biden than actually happened but also disenfranchised voters who intended to vote for Donald Trump. This may have happened and yet it did not happen enough to turn things around for the President, but for the sake of our own assurance that this was a fair election, doesn't it make sense to let an audit of the ballots to happen?

Democrats and the media telling us that there was "no widespread voter fraud" ought to humor our suspicions if they are telling the truth, and assure us that Joe Biden indeed "won" the 2020 United States Presidential election. If they are telling the truth what can it hurt? It can only bring the country together and unite us if they are telling the truth.

John Beam