To the editor:

So, the military, all branches of the military, has two things of note. The first is the raising of the right hand, at induction and/or graduation of training, and the swearing of an oath of allegiance to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. The second is a discharge from service. A discharge may be "honorable" (having honored the nation by honoring one's oath of service) or "other than honorable" – general, medical, unfit for service, or dishonorable being the primary alternatives to honorable service and an honorable discharge.

Much talk has been made lately of the presence of the military – military veterans, that is – as intruders in the Rotunda and halls of Congress on Jan. 6. The new secretary of Defense, and the Pentagon, are heard to be wringing their hands over the saturation of right-wing extremists throughout the ranks. Again, much talk is made of new Department of Defense programs to counteract this newly discovered (witness the halls of Congress) corrosion in the ranks.

These new programs, of course, dismiss such basic concepts as military discipline or love of country since, presumably, these are not sufficient for dedicated service from entry oath to discharge. Therefore, a modest proposal to cure this corrosive condition in the military is as follows: Assign a politically correct commissar to each military unit from company grade on up. This would solve military, labor, and job creation problems simultaneously.

Michael (MJ) FitzGerald, LTC FA USAR