To the editor:

I am extremely disappointed in the action of the county commissioners at their meeting this week. The idea of making the Caldwell County school board a politicized race is, in my opinion, the absolute wrong thing to do. As a 31-year veteran of the Caldwell County Schools and Caldwell County Teacher of the Year in 2001, I strongly believe that politics have no place in any school governance or guidance. As Mr. Donnie Potter stated in the News-Topic article of Nov. 18, the political divide in this country during the recent election cycle has separated families and friends. Do we want to do this to our school board as well?

The people who run for school board election, in most cases, have the best interests of the children of Caldwell County in mind. Running affiliated with a political party does not change this, nor does it let the public know the candidate’s ideas and feelings about education in our county. If the public wants to know more about a candidate’s beliefs about education in our county, they need to read the newspaper, attend a question-and-answer session or just ask them point blank. Don’t decide because they are registered as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, etc.

Mr. Potter said that he had been contacted by “several” people who thought that the school board race should be a political race. How many is “several”? Did any of the commissioners ask this question? I wouldn’t know because the way it was brought up at the meeting and agreed upon appeared to be a secret. If you really wanted to know how the public feels, as Mr. Potter said making this political would do, then it would have been wise to announce before the meeting that this was to be discussed. Then the public would have been given a chance to give their opinions.

You were all elected to represent the people of Caldwell County. You most definitely did not represent me with the decision you made. It seems like this, though, is now a “done deal” since it has already been sent to the General Assembly. Can this be changed? I am hopeful that you will consider this action and work to reverse it, as well as working in the future to see that you represent ALL the people of Caldwell County before taking action, not just “several.”

Deborah Allen