Dear Editor,

I recently went thru a fast food drive thru.

I placed my order and went to the pay window. The cashier advised that the driver in front of me had paid for my order. She also said that the driver in front of him had paid for his order. So  being slightly stunned and pleased, I said , well let me pay for the driver behind me. I have no idea of when this started or ended, but I felt blessed to be part of it. I do know that four drivers were involved, but I hope that there were many more. Someone with a kind heart started it and I was not going to be the one to

end it.

On another occasion, we were dining in and a friend that I had not seen in years, stop by our table to talk. When he left, he took our ticket and paid for our meal. A guy next to our table saw what had happened and said, I wish that I had a friend like that. So when we left, I went by his table and picked up his ticket. I told him " well you do have a friend today.”

It is always nice to do something nice for someone.

Clyde and Barbara Whittington

Lower Creek