Republican objects to Democrat’s characterization

Dear Editor,

Today’s Democratic Party are those who think they can silence us and not allow us freedom of speech.

Tell us we’re racist if we’re white or disagree with their views. God loves All people, He is not partial to any but loves all. Republicans did not carry BLM signs and destroy people’s businesses and kill policemen for months on end.

Kamala Harris raised funds to get these criminals out of jail and put them back on the streets as well as other democratic leaders.

Thank God for our police force who risk their lives each day to protect us. As far as the vaccine goes, I know a lot of Republicans who have taken the vaccine and it is a person’s right to choose whether they want to be vaccinated or not [Remember, Land of the free]. God’s word says they will call evil- good and Good — evil, so tell me when is it OK to burn buildings, steal, kill babies and try to destroy our police force by defunding them which the democratic party is trying their very best to do. I’m a Republican and thankful to be in a party that chooses Life and stands for law and order. Most of all I’m proud to be a Christian and thankful that I have LOVE in my heart for ALL people.

Rebecca Effler


Reporter Candice Simmons can be reached at (828)610-8721