To the editor:

I read in the Wednesday, Nov. 18, News-Topic that the commissioners passed a resolution asking the General Assembly to pass a local act to make the Caldwell County Board of Education a partisan election. Candidates then would need to appear on the ballot as a member of a political party. I believe this is not necessary, not in the best interests of the school system or the students or the staff. Members of the Board of Education can be much more focused on the needs of the school system WITHOUT the need to involve a political party. They can be much more effective in meeting those needs if they don't have to run them through a group of politicians whose motivation can be in other places than the education of Caldwell County students. This is a bad idea.

To make the situation worse, instead of advance notice to the public and the opportunity to be heard, the resolution appears to have been passed with the minimum amount of public disclosure. It could make a person (me, for instance) think that even the commissioners didn't think this was a good plan. If you really thought it was a good idea, you could have made sure that many members of the public would know about the plan and the advantages it would have for the school system, and the public would have the opportunity to applaud your thinking. Instead, you have acted like the idea was so bad that it needed to be hidden. That encourages suspicion of our elected officials (you, for instance).

Can this be undone at the local level? If so, let's do it.

Barbara Busch