To the editor:

In all my years and all of the places I have lived in the United States, I have never encountered trash and filth like I have in the state of North Carolina.

Living in Caldwell County is like living in a dump.

I have taken dozens of videos documenting this disgrace.

I pick up trash every day but cannot begin to make a dent or get ahead of it.

Where is the community pride?

Why do people feel that it’s OK to just throw their trash, mattresses, tires, beer cans, fast food packaging, etc., along the roadside?

Why does the rest of the community turn a blind eye to roadside litter and the piles of garbage?

It’s deplorable, disturbing, very environmentally unfriendly and unconscionable.

Some areas of notice:

Abington Road; Hartford Road; U.S. 321; Morganton Boulevard, etc., in Lenoir; all over Caldwell County (and the state).

What can we do as a county to solve this issue?

I will volunteer on a committee, but I am one person and this is a huge statewide/county problem.

The dumpsite off of Abington Road is an open field with mountains of trash –any wind gust takes garbage and blows it for miles.

The trash trucks aren’t covered, so when they go down the road trash flies out.

There should be fines for this, holding companies liable for contributing to the problem.

We should be pushing for heavy fines throughout the state for unsecured loads like this.

It’s time people take pride in where they live and get this state cleaned up.

Mary Jeffrey