HUDSON — On June 18, Tri-County Speedway celebrated all fathers in attendance with another exciting race.

The first race of the night was the first of two Renegade races. Klint Townsend sat on the pole with a qualifying speed of 19.247, 74.816 mph. Barney Arnette (#17) brought out the first caution flag on lap two. The next caution flag of the race was on lap 25. Shawn Thompson (#1.5) spun on the front stretch. The balance of the race ran without incident. Klint Townsend appeared to win. However, he was later disqualified from the first race and the last race by running afoul of the rules regarding gear ratios. Steve Smart (#16) inherited the win afterwards. Jacob Hickman ran second in the #22 and Shawn Thompson (#1.5) rounded out the top three.

The Front Wheel Drive division was the second race of the night. Chuck Simms (#44) ran a fast lap of 19.229, 74.886 mph in qualifying and started in the P1 position. There were multiple cautions in this race. The first yellow was on lap one when Dana Maxwell (#1) spun in turn four. On the restart, they only got four laps in before another caution flew on lap five. This one was the result of Brian Dodd (#4) spinning in turn two. Upon the restart, Dewayne Smith spun out in turn two. Lap seven saw Dana Maxwell (#1) bring out another caution when Maxwell lost control in turn two. Because of the number of cautions, the spotters were told to tell their drivers that the next caution would end the race because of the time limitation on the division. Fortunately, it ran caution free from that point. The checkered flag fell on James Powell (#27) as he remained undefeated in the division for the year. Bradlee Jones (#11) was runner-up and Rayna Holland (#102) finished third.

Race three was the Vintage division. Tim Gilbert (#95) qualified with a speed of 16.930, 85.056 mph. The race ran without caution and saw Tim’s son, Eddie Gilbert (#39), beating him to the checkers. Tim Gilbert (#95) was second, followed by Bob Wallace (#35) in third.

The fourth race of the night was Limited Late Models starting 13 cars. Austin Harris (#59) claimed the top spot in qualifying with a run of 16.012, 89.932 mph. However, the top three qualifiers were inverted for the start of the race. This placed Monty Cox (#21) in the number one position. He never looked back in the caution free race and claimed the win. Austin Harris (#59) came back to finish second, followed by Taylor Nesbitt (#92) in third.

The Street Stock division was the fifth race. Davey Smart (#07) had a fast time of 17.024, 84.161 mph. The top six were inverted for the start of the race. Mike Hatton (#12) saw the green flag first. The race ran caution free. Davey Smart recovered from the invert, winning the race. Jeff Allen (#22) followed Smart across the line for second. Cody DeMarmels finished the night’s event in third.

The Late Model division was the sixth race of the night. Isaballa Robusto started in the number one spot, with a lap speed of 15.531, 92.717 mph. Isaballa appeared in control of the race until her engine expired on lap 25, bringing out the race’s only caution. Zack Franks (#1) took the opportunity to claim the win. Thomas Beane (#28) followed closely in second. Mitch Walker (#15) was third.

The final race of the night was the second race for the Renegade division.

The complete finishing order was inverted from the first race. Austin (#1) started the line first for the start of the race. The race ran caution free. Steve Smart (#16) claimed his second win of the night. Smart was followed by Jacob Hickman (#22) and Shawn Thompson (#1.5). This was the same finishing order of the first Renegade race.

We hope you will decide to spend your July 4th weekend with us. We trust you will enjoy the show, both on the track and the fireworks afterwards. Be sure and visit our concession stand for the best track food you will find anywhere!

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